Mobile Solution Development

Android and iOS based Enterprise App-Development, Integration with Servers and Databases

Development of flexible Mobile Solution

Android and iOS based innovative Apps with native Java, React Native, SQLight, JSON, Restful-Services, Integration with Enterprise Servers and Databases, Report generation on Servers, mobile Printing,Using Map-Services, immediate Alerts/notifications and mobile Image Processing

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Mobile Solutions!


Image Processing Quality Assurance (IPQA) is a mobile solution to assure the quality of Image Processing including statistics of accuracy, time and considering the consumption of system resources.

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Mobile Applications for your dynamic Business!


Automated Vehicle Control (AVC) scale up vehicles controls. Its innovative processes use Image Processing to extract the required vehicle’s data, i.e. country of origin, vehicle number, manufacturer, etc. The address is provided by map service, a fine is printed onsite. All the data is synchronized to server.

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Accident Report

It provides the European Accident Report on mobile phones and enables the involved drivers and police to input required data with current coordinates and address of an accident, the positions of vehicles are sketched over the map and signatures are saved. Data is synchronized with the server.

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An intelligent, multi-purpose and multi-feature solution for maintenance & repair of Equipment and Plants. It provides scheduling of maintenance activities and repairs on task requests. The management of all kinds of equipment is simplified to fulfill the requirements of regulatory authorities.

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