Automated Vehicle Control (AVC) scales up vehicle controls by setting a new dimension of automation by incorporation of latest technologies. Its innovative processes use Image Processing to extract the required vehicle’s data, i.e. country of origin, vehicle number, manufacturer, etc. The address of place, where a control of vehicle took place, is provided by a map service. Through refined algorithms, a fine to violation is proposed, which can be accepted or rejected by the controller, finally that is printed onsite along the corresponding QR-Code. The process of vehicle controls is digitized and optimized, which includes all evidences in electronic form. All the data and images are synchronized automatically to the server.

The server is cloud based Application, manages pre- and post-processing of vehicle controls. The end-customer can get an overview of his orders, and see which activities are currently taking place. Whereas the team and group leader are able to generate orders, assign these to controllers and monitor the current activities of on the map.