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About Us

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Company Profile

Founded in 1998, Future IT is a leading IT solutions provider, situated in center of Switzerland with offshore recourses at different locations.

As the name of company highlights, Future IT offers future and latest technology based IT solutions covering requirements of small to large Enterprises. Research on emerging technologies supports them to remain in front line. Future IT has solutions in areas of Broadcast data management (Terrestrial broadcast, including TV, radio, DAB, DVB-T, Microwave links, and mobile communication networks), equipment maintenance (PDA based solution), BaanERP solutions, and project planning & resource management. In addition to these solutions, Future IT has strength in providing software development services for Enterprise specific requirements, web site development, web-based applications, programming of programmable controllers, and IT Infrastructure software configuration/maintenance.

On the behalf of creativity and advancement in latest technologies, Future IT has the capability to fulfill requirements of its clients optimally. The process orientated project guidance, and precise analysis of evolving needs of customers, facilitates Future IT to provide the most suitable solutions fine-tuned to requirements.

Who is Future IT

Future IT Solutions’ mission is to create value for our clients through standard and customized, flexible information technology solutions that contribute to improving core business efficiency while lowering costs.

We will accomplish our mission through technological leadership, outstanding service delivery, and solid client relationships that define the market.

We value integrity, in an environment of mutual trust and respect, including fairness, teamwork, tolerance, family, and community, in our process of providing added value to our clients. We value our clients and employees who are critical to our success. We especially appreciate our employees’ commitment to the Company; and in return seek to provide opportunities for them to develop. We require fair profitability for continued success, and we reward our associates accordingly. We seek to exceed client expectations. We aspire to a higher set of values than required by law and standards.

Skill Set

All members of Future IT team are Computer Science professionals and also have specialized experience in some other areas. Future IT encourages and recognizes skill refinement and specialization of team members through certifications in various development areas.

Future IT can provide the total IT and BIM services required by our clients. Today, our clients represent small/medium organizations to large multinationals in both profit and non-profit environments.

Mobile Solution Development,Android and iOS based Enterprise App-Development, Integration with Servers and Databases.

Meet your IT Infrastructure requirements,Work on a flexible and scalable Cloud Infrastructure!

Corporate Overview

Future IT is a recognized leader in information technology (IT) and Business information management (BIM) solutions. We provide organizations with flexible solutions that translate to improved performance, reduced costs, regulatory compliance and measurable improvements in achieving business goals. Our customized solutions are designed to help our clients take advantage of new opportunities, meet unique challenges and focus on areas critical to their strategic success.

We provide expert services in virtually every facet of information management, from implementing emerging technologies to supporting day-to-day IT and BIM operations. Our products and services ensure that our clients’ investment in information technology results in a measurable contribution to their organization’s health and growth.

Future IT can provide the total IT and BIM services required by our clients. Today, our clients represent small/medium organizations to large multinationals in both profit and non-profit environments.


You’ll only find the leading companies in each area of our partnership. Being partners with the industry leaders helps our experts to always have the best knowledge of new techniques and methods.


Satisfied clients and long term business relationship to realize mutual benefits is the most important . Future IT achieves this objective by working closely with clients, providing them complete and optimized IT solutions.